All about our Classes!

One of the many amazing and unique aspects of our new and improved store is our huge classroom! We can accommodate anywhere up to 75 people for any event or class. BUT when it comes to our classes we go for an intimate feel.

  • We limit the class to 20 people, that way each person has enough room to spread out and create there own amazing master pieces. You are also able to get some one on one attention from our instructor to help you with all your questions!
  • All of our classes are COMPLETELY hands on! You get to create from start to finish something amazing to WOW your family and friends! You will start with a plain cupcake, cake or chocolate (we give you the recipes to bake it at home) and we teach you how to decorate it from start to finish!
  • Everything is created in our NUT FREE, DAIRY FREE facility! With a little notice we can also cater to egg free, gluten free, diabetic and more!
  • Because of the high demand of our class and in order to make sure that each person has enough material you are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to book in advance! If we are unable to accommodate you, we will inform you and put you on a wait list.
  • Since everything is prepared in advance, payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. We understand life happens and if you must cancel we will try our hardest to sell your seat for you to someone on a waiting list!
  • There is no age limit to the class BUT we ask that you respect everyone else attending the class. Please don’t bring babies or small children to a class that is geared towards adults. If your teenage daughter wants to come it would be our pleasure to have her!
  • Each class is structured around a theme, usually relating to the season or the holiday. If you have questions relating to something that is not part of curriculum, feel free to speak to the instructor after class.
  • When you come to our class you just need to show up! We provide everything. If you have any special needs due to diet please let us know in advance. We also include withe very class a 15%off coupon so that everything you have used in your class you are able to purchase. Coupons are only good for same day purchases.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at BESY@aol.com or call us at 516-374-1544



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