Breezy’s Launches a Cookbook!

Shortly after I first opened Ketzy’s I started getting asked tons of questions relating to entertaining, baking, cooking and serving. I have always had a passion for food and company so the answers came easily. After expanding int our newest location and renaming ourselves “Breezy’s” we started offering cooking and baking classes. All of the recipes are my recipes that took time and patience to perfect. After a year and a half of hard work I am finally here….

I have spent well over a year, collecting all the recipes, editing them so they were legible to people (apparently my short hand is worse than a doctors), and writing down all the little techniques that make it work out so perfectly. I then approached the amazingly talented Michal Weinstein of MLW Design, who created my website, facebook banners, advertisements, contests and any other graphic project I have ever had! She suggested I bring on Toby Schwartz, a very talented graphic designer to join the team. Now all we needed was pictures of the food, because no one hates a cookbook without pictures more than I do!! So I hired the most talented woman I know my mother, Heidi Schwartz. Apparently even shes not superwoman so again we added on to this already creative team by bring Leah Jacob of Lia Jay Photography. After weeks of shooting pictures, perfecting layout and obviously sampling EVERYTHING… we were still no where near done!



We then had to make sure that all the color dividers were perfect. That we didn’t miss any pictures, which obviously meant we did and had to re-shoot some.


After countless rounds of editing and editing and editing… we narrowed down our choices…


When are then nearing the end where we can finalize our Index, which is one of the many unique and amazing items that are exclusive to my cookbook..

This has been a labor of love and I am so proud to finally share it with the world!!


What makes this cookbook unique and special:

  • It is divided up into 1. Bread & Condiments, 2. Appetizer, 3. Soup & Salad,  4. Fish & Meat, 5. Vegetables & Paste, 6. Cookies & Cakes, 7. Drinks & Candy, 8. Entertainment
  • Each chapter is color coordinated, there is also a really practical aspect to this as well, if you bend the edges a little bit you can find the chapter you are looking for!
  • Each recipe comes with a color photo
  • Each recipe is broken down by 7 icons: double the recipe to re purpose, prepare in advance, healthy cooking, done in no time, freeze wonderfully, Dairy Free (aka Pareve), Gluten Free (aka Pessach)
  • Each recipe has a “Mix & Matchbox, which give various ways to use the recipe, as well as tips and tricks I have come across while making it. Some recipes even have hand written notes on them, little suggestions and ideas to help you save on time and waste.
  • The entertaining section is broken down into 1. Kids, 2. Sit Down, 3. Buffet 4. Never Ever & Always, 5. Gift Giving. It is full of pictures, ideas and suggestions
  • The Index is by far my pride and joy, each recipe has its name, page number, PICTURE and ICON GUIDE. That way if you are referencing back, its easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Each chapter starts with a page for NOTES, and then a 2 page spread of knowledge, such as which herbs to use for what, various ways to lower the calorie count of your salad dressings, etc. (Im not giving away the good charts!)
  • SOMEWHERE in the book is a coupon for the store, to use towards an items featured in the book.
  • The coolest and the most exciting aspect of my book I am going to keep a secret… but I guarantee you that you will LOVE it!! Everyone I mentioned it to cant wait for it!

Each recipe uses ingredients that you commonly have in your house or are easy enough to get at your local supermarket. They are step by step, easy to follow instructions, they have been tried and tested by the most pickiest eaters, my kids! And I guarantee that they will wow your friends!



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