Always A “Work In Progress”!

One of the many character traits that I am personally known for is that I don’t stop. Friends have called me the energizer bunny, my mother calls me a microwave (because I have to have everything done fast), someone even recently told me that if G-d would have had me around when he created the world, it would have been done in 1 day! I take this all as a compliment… but its true! I am one of the most punctual people you will ever meet, I plan well in advance and I don’t know how to stand still.

That being said, it wouldn’t be a shock to those that know me, that my second cookbook is underway. It was actually underway as I started the first one. There were to many recipes to fit in 1 book, the ideas in my head are boundless and the people that worked on the book with me (Michalli Weinstein and Toby Schwartz) apparently wanted to enjoy their summer a little. (To me this is fun but I guess not everyone thinks so…)

 One of my favorite and most frustrating parts of creating a cookbook to me is the measurement aspect. I cook using a pinch of this, a dab of that, a few of this and some of that. I have never used measuring cups and spoon, so to all of a sudden convert a pinch to a teaspoon and a dab to a tablespoon is hard work. This is the perfect example… This is my Tomato Galette!

It is something I love to make after I get a chance to go to a farmers market. I love the rainbow affect of the heirloom tomatoes and the nice color the purple basil gives. It’s a simple recipe to make and looks like it took hours… but measuring out the amount of spices is trial and error. To salty, not enough salt. Kosher salt vs Table salt. It’s always tough! Thank goodness I have children and friends to help me taste!






So tonight for dinner the menu is as follows:

  • Tomato Gallete
  • Kale Chips
  • Chicken Wraps
  • White Chocolate Chip Cookies


 Our second cookbook will be a more “advanced” or “informative” version of our first cookbook. It will go more in depth on topics that I discuss, such as chocolate tempering, cupcakes and fondant decorations.  So don’t forget to Pre-Purchase your copy of 

“Mix & Match” .

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