Sale VS. Full Price

People always assume when you hear the word “Sale” that it MUST be a great deal! That is true much of the time and not always. What “Sale” means to a business owner is that this was a fantastic piece from last season, but we are not going to carry it over to the next season. We don’t want to store it in the back room, we would rather just get it out of the store!

     In our “Sale” section we have many amazing pieces starting at $1 going up to the hundreds of dollars. We have some great dip bowls, Missoni pieces, Nambe pieces and more!

We also have some clearance items such as edible flowers and sugar decorations. Item’s that have a shelf life and instead of throwing them out, BEFORE they go bad (3-6 months, depending on the item) we discount it.

Many customers come in asking to for the “Sale” section to give gifts from and I usually try to deter them IF the gift is for someone local. The reason is because if and when they exchange the item they will realize it was on “Sale“. For some reason the stigma of giving a gift that’s on “Sale” is almost akin to (G-d Forbid) re-gifting! So I tend to steer people towards equally priced items! We have tons of amazing regular priced items starting at $10 that happen to look great!

Did you know that the photo on the left is a stunning crystal dip bowl that retails for $35 and is now 50% OFF ($17.50)!!! Can you guess the prices of the bowls on the right? They are not on sale but retail from $10-$15 for a bowl the same size or larger?! So for less money you loose the stigma AND can even add a dip spoon!

Yes, sometimes sale sections pay! For all you Alessi, Nambe, L’objet and Missoni collectors out there, we have a bunch of pieces on sale. At 50% OFF the Missoni soup tureen goes from $480 to $240… YES, it saves you a lot of money BUT it still costs a lot of money. Yes it ALWAYS pays to check the sale section first BUT be open minded and ASK FOR HELP!

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