Fashion Week… Here I Come!!

For men and woman this week is filled with excitement and dreaming but for totally different reasons… Football season vs. Fashion week! So when I got invited to the Leonid Gurevich Fashion show, I was thrilled to pieces that it started 3+ hours after the Jets game! I was able to watch the game as I got ready for the fashion show and my partner in crime didn’t have to miss a second of the game!

As we arrived at the show in the city, I was getting really excited. All I knew was that it was being held at the Angel Orensanz Center, which is where Alexander McQueen (my favorite designer!) showed his first American collection, where Sarah Jessica Parker got married, and where Daphne Guinnes shot her fashion film. As we pulled up outside (yes, we got an amazing parking spot!), you could see that there was something unique and interesting about the building.

When we got inside I was blown away by the magnificent decor but something was off…

What do you notice? It looks like a church  but their are no crosses, angles or any sign of Christianity. Finally after looking all over, the only thing I saw was… A star! After a quick google search (thank goodness for my iphone!) I found out that it was actually a shul! It is a synagogue, built in 1849 for Congregation Ansche Chesed.  It is the oldest surviving synagogue building in New York, and the fourth-oldest surviving synagogue building in the United States. It was the largest synagogue in the United States at the time of its construction, and is one of the few built in Gothic Revival style.


Now I was excited to explore!

Seated in the third row I had a pretty great view, not only of the show but of all the people attending! Like this lady, who had really cool black lines painted on her face and looked stunning! the lighting was all red, which made it a bit difficult to get great shots of the models, but I loved how flattering the light was on everyone. myself included! Like all fashions shows I have been too (and I have been to a few, but that’s another story for another time) it started late, but that was fine since the DJ was amazing and the vibe was fun! As the show started an accordion player came out and wowed the crowd. Then the excitement started! Loud trance music played and the models started walking…








The clothing was right up my alley! A mix between costumes and fancy dressed. Some outfits I could definitely have seen walking into shul this season, if not for the custom price tags. The last outfit, I could have seen at a wedding. It was a stunning mix of fabrics, pieced together to accentuate and create a stunning outfit! Tons of lace, chiffon, satin and fur to create some over the top looks and lets not forget about the hats! The creations of Anya Caliendo, very few seemed like they would make it main stream, but I would bet at events like the Kentucky Derby or in England they would be very popular! I was in love with the huge feather/crown headdress at the end of the show. I wish I was able to get a better shot of it!

After all the excitement of the show, we decided to run down town to SoHo and grab dinner at Sushein, which is a place I have never been to, but hearing about the conveyer belt of sushi I HAD to try it! We arrived to a stunning, stark white restaurant. Clean, fresh and very modern… right up my alley! The chandelier was right out of my parents house, literally! We started seated at the bar since the restaurant was packed, but after 10 minutes of my feet dangling in 5″ heals, I begged to get seated at the next available table! It did give me a chance to sneak a peak at some of the yummy rolls coming down the conveyor belt! We were then seated in a back room, which had no conveyor belt 🙁 BUT was PINK!! I was on a cushy booth facing a wall that was changing colors and reflected on the sparkly floor and was in HEAVEN! But then it started the slow decent down hill. It took over 20 minutes to place our order since their was only 1 waiter, then 20 minutes later all our food, appetizers and main, came out all at once! The food was great, portions were a nice size and the veal on a stick was divine! I don’t remember having such great veal and delicious sauces. I felt bad for the poor waiter being torn in 10 directions, but I was starving! After we devoured our food, I decided to look at the dessert menu, since well, that is my THING! I saw churros and was hooked, I had to have them! After waiting what seemed like forever, they came out and they were burnt on the outside and not cooked on the inside! Waaaa… to me it looked like the oil that they were fried in was too hot! I was so upset, since I was craving some. The waiter was very nice and offered to take it off the bill and bring us a free dessert of our choice, but at this point it was 10:30 and I still had to get back to long Island to get up with kids for school the next day! My carriage was about to turn into a pumpkin, so we skipped dessert and instead I went home.



All in all the evening was a success! The fashion show was exciting and inspiring and dinner even though it was slow, was delicious and gave us tons of time to talk! Now I am just craving a churro… Now back to reality and to spending the next 6 days working on Rosh Hashana! Come stop on in and see some of the great items we got in!

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