Bonus Recipes!

If you have purchased “Breezy’s Mix & Match” then this is for you! If you have not, you can order it buy clicking on the image below!

Over the years I have mentioned to friends that I made some croutons or donuts or created something really cute for the kids to eat! Here is a blog listing some of those things…

Home Made Croutons:

1. Save all the leftover edges of your Challah (page 15), including the crusts that your kids refuse to eat!

2. Make either the oil mixture on page 17 following steps 1 through 3. Leave out the onions and whole garlic.

3.Cut all the leftover bread into same size cubes and place them on a cookie sheet, if you don’t have one you can use a 9 x 13 pan.

4. Pour the oil mixture on the bread and toss.

5. Set your oven to low broil and place the bread in the oven.

6. After 2-3 minutes toss the bread so it toasts evenly on both sides.

7. Remove it from the oven and try not to devour it all at once!

NOTE: Everyone’s broil setting in their oven is different, so the first time you do this keep an eye on the bread. You want it a nice dark brown but avoid burning them!

Split pea with Croutons!


 Chanukah Sufganoyits:

Note this is a FRYING recipe, you can bake it BUT… there is nothing like frying it!

1. Take a deep saute pan and fill it 3/4 of the way with oil.

2. Put the pot on a medium flame and sprinkle on top a few drops of water. Once the water starts to “dance” you know the oil is the right temperature.

3. Roll the challah dough into balls that are around the size of a lemon.

4. Flatten them out and lay it carefully in the oil, so that it doesnt spray at you!

5. After 2-3 minutes, when it is golden brown, flip it over.

6. When it is done, take it out and allow it to cool on a cookie rack with a paper towel underneath so that the excess oil can drop off.

7. Put a wide tip on a piping bag and fill with your choice of filling, such as frosting, jelly, jam or pie filling.

8.When the donut has cooled to the touch, push the tip inside of it and squeeze to fill it.

9. Cover it with powdered sugar and restrain yourself from eating them all!


Hotdogs and Spaghetti:

While I definitely didn’t create this recipe, it is one that gets requested often. it may not be the healthiest, but I use whole wheat pasta, chicken hot dogs and leave off the buns!

1. Take a LARGE pot, filled with water and bring it to a boil.¬† You will need to have enough room so as you put in the spaghetti it doesn’t break!

2. Take a package of hot dogs and cut each dog into thirds.

3. Slide a few sticks of RAW spaghetti thru each hot dog

4. Once they are all done, GENTLY put them all in the pot of boiling water.

5. Boil until pasta is cooked.

6. Drain the pasta/hot dog in a strainer.

7. Serve it and watch as it disappears!






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