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Once thing I have learnt from this tragedy of Hurricane Sandy is that everyone’s view of “bad” “devastation” or “horrible” is different. I have friends in Seagate who have lost everything that they owned and are still managing to smile and persevere. I have friends in the 5 towns that have lost power but their homes are intact and it seems like the end of the world to them. One thing that this storm has taught me is not to judge others.

The expression, “We are only given what we can handle” doesn’t make anyone feel better; we wonder why G-d thinks we are so strong. The one thing everyone has realized is the importance of family, friends and our community! The amount of people posting all over facebook and thru texts that their doors are open to anyone is astounding!  I may have had it up to here with having my kid’s home all week but I appreciate more than anything that I have my children. I appreciate my loved ones that took me and my children in and fed and clothed us.

There are many organizations and fundraisers popping up to help everyone.  Here are a few that I have come across:

99 Cent Huricane Sandy Relief

Emergency Dessert Party (Seagate)

Lakewood Sandy Shabbos Relief

Clothing and Blankets can be brought to Shor Yoshuv- corner of 878 and  Cedarlawn.


I want to remind everyone of all the people that have been “hurt” by this hurricane:

  • The families that lost their home and all their belongings and now have to rebuild from scratch. (not going in to details because it is a “given”)
  • The families that lost power and everything that goes along with that. (not going in to details because it is a “given”)
  • The first responders who donated their time, effort, energy and risked their lives for us at the sake of their family. Many haven’t gone to their “real” jobs or have left their wives and children alone. Check on their families…
  • The people that have opened their homes to everyone by offering their electricity (which they pay for), their food (which they pay for) their heat (which they pay for) and their heart. When this is over and done remember HAKARAS HATOV!
  • All the small business that are totally dependent on their businesses to survive for all of our basic needs like food, rent, necessities (This includes myself and many of my friends), we have been forced to be closed due to the electricity and even once it is over we are not a “necessity” we are an “extravagance”.

I am sure that i have left out many people, have grammatical errors and may sound incoherent, but thats because I havent been home in a week and have no idea when I will get home. My children and I have been hunkering down in Brooklyn with friends. I do not have access to my computer and all my programs that make my blog look pretty and allow me to add pictures.

I am wishing everyone a relaxing, productive and stress free weekend! We are offering 15% off all orders, jsut message me what you want.



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