To juice or to Jus? That is the question!

The one thing I am is a skeptic, but I am also a person who will try anything once! I am the owner of Breezy’s, a houseware, giftware and bakeware store in the five towns. I am constantly surrounded by frosting, fondant and other delicious sugar decorations. In addition, I give classes on cupcake decorating and baking. Lets be honest, everyone knows, if a chef won’t eat their own creations, then something just isn’t right. Well, I eat it all and then some! Moreover, I spent last summer writing my own cookbook and that required a lot of eating and tweaking and re-eating. So, it’s no surprise that I need to lose weight and get healthy.

A while back a close friend of mine, who is also my graphic designer, Michalli Weinstein blogged about trying a juice. She seemed pretty happy about it and got me interested in it. I was so busy that I never had time to follow up on it and then I broke my foot! Not only did I need to lose weight, but I knew that I needed to get healthy and my exercise plans would be derailed due to my recent injury. Feeling hopeless, I decided to give Jus a shot. I ran to Jus in Brooklyn at 2166 east 5th.  I chose to do Jus versus a lot of other cleanses on the market for 3 reasons: 1. It was the cheapest ONLY $150 for the 3 days (I know I feel ridiculous even saying that out load), 2. It is a Jewish woman owned business and since I have the same I believe in supporting each other. 3. Julie gives you full access to her and her brain, being able to ask tons of questions which cinched the deal for me! It was a little daunting and scary, as I am NOT a veggie lover. Typically, my salads only consist of lettuce and cucumber and if I’m daring maybe baby corn. So, the idea of drinking kale, spinach, celery, etc… scared me. They offered me to taste the drinks, but I declined and simply grabbed the drinks I needed and ran before I changed my mind.

The next morning, I sat down with my cup of coffee (Yes, Julie lets you have 1 cup a day!) and savored every last drop. I then grabbed my green drink and sat down to start working; I took my first sip and almost spit it out everywhere! It was not good to say the least, so I did what I tell my kids to do and held my nose and guzzled it down!  I do have to say that now, 3 months later, I actually have grown to like the drink and do CHOOSE to buy it. My salesgirl also loved it from day one and licks the cap to get every last drop. The second drink was a spicy lemonade that was delicious! It had a nice kick to it and was so flavorful that even my kids liked it. The third drink for lunch was back to the green drink, so once again I held my nose. The great thing about JUS is that the drinks left me feeling full. According to Julie, the fiber and the way she creates her drinks helps to make you feel fuller.

The fourth drink I tasted was an Acai berry that was really delicious. My kids loved the purple color of it and it smelled sweet enough that yet again, they even ventured to taste it. The fifth drink was another morning glory and I have to tell you that at this point, my kids grilled chicken and corn dinner was starting to look appetizing. After diner and helping everyone with their homework, I had a horrible headache. I texted Julie (it seems she gives her cell phone number out to everyone!) to ask if I could take a Tylenol. She said to drink a lot of water and start the 6th drink already. The final drink was an Almond Breeze and it tasted like pure heaven to me! It was sweet and thick, sort of like a milk shake. It really did make a difference. According to Julie the headache is caused by the chemicals leaving the body, which ultimately gave me a completely different perspective and actually made me feel happy that my head was hurting!

The second days I was really concerned about my coffee. Anyone who has ever come in to my store will usually see a huge cup of coffee on the counter; I drink it all day. To be honest, I was nervous about having horrible headaches or suffering from withdrawal. Shockingly, not only did I not miss it, but I didn’t even notice it. I can vividly recall that it happened to have been a busy day and by 2pm, I realized that I still hadn’t drank my second drink. At around 4pm, I started to feel a bit under the weather. I felt a bit edgy and tired and decided to go home. Let’s just say that my patience level was very thin, so thank goodness it was a light night of homework. According to Julie, if you are hungry, you can snack on green veggies like green beans, broccoli, etc. In addition, if you are really hungry, you can have egg whites too.

By the third day I fell head over heels in love with the detox. I put less truvia in my drink for the first time in years and I didn’t even finish my coffee. I felt great all day and was super excited to go on the scale the next morning. The next day, I went on the scale and nearly fell off it. I had lost 8lbs in 3 days. While this is definitely not normal, this goes to show how much weight I need to lose. I felt so motivated and inspired that I went to Julie to pick up more drinks. I knew I had to enjoy my success, but that I also had to keep going forward. I went to see Julie and told her how thrilled I was and she was super happy, but said she doesn’t let people detox for so long. There are still nutrients you need to get in your body that are not in the drink. Therefore, she suggested a “diet”, whereby I would be able to have 4 drinks a day and 1 meal. I liked this idea a lot! It gave me the flexibility I needed, while still having the option to grab the drinks.

My favorite drink right now is green with a twist. It’s a “green” drink, but a lot sweeter than morning glory because of the pineapple. With a month and a half to go till Pesach, I was excited about my recent weight loss and savoring my new found success. While, I have to come to realize that the drinks are delicious, I think that they are also pricy. Drinks range from $4-$11 depending on the drinks. They do offer a plan that for every 10 drinks you buy, you get the 11th free. In the end, it averaged out to about $22 a day. Personally, I didn’t mind the money since I actually ended up saving money by giving up my big coffee in the morning and I stopped eating lunch out.

By the time Pesach rolled around I had lost 20lbs. I was thrilled and felt amazing. I didn’t have any cravings, unless you talk about my obsession with Island Coconut drink (and I hate coconut). The first few days of Pesach I wasn’t even so hungry. I did find, not surprisingly, that staying at a hotel with a 24 hour tea room made it difficult since it is usually hard to restrain myself. AS a result, I admit that I did gain back a few pounds over Pesach, but I just did the JUS cleanse again and I am feeling fabulous! I lost almost all of the weight and today for lunch I had a huge salad with cucumbers and baby corn, but I topped it with a piece of grilled salmon and it was amazing how good it tasted!

Skip this paragraph if things gross you out. The number one question everyone asked me was about running to the bathroom. I have to say that I was peeing nonstop, which Julie explained to me were the toxins leaving the body. I was not however, running to the bathroom for number 2. I stayed regular and did go, but nothing out of the ordinary!

I am no longer a skeptic! I feel light and not bloated. I don’t get those sugar highs and crashes anymore. I am constantly happy and upbeat and a bunch of people have told me that my skin looks amazing. I also love how on the side of every JUS drink bottle she lists the benefits of each drink. Something about seeing these natural ingredients inspires me a lot, especially in the beginning, to keep going since I knew how great it was for my body! I have another week left until my broken foot is out of a cast and I am looking forward to incorporating exercise into my routine. Because she has such a variety of flavors and combinations, I found a whole bunch that I love. I constantly mix them up and now I started thinking of new flavor combinations I want her to make.

People constantly ask me if I could make the drinks myself and I have to say I don’t know. I have tried other juices and they either lack flavor or taste horrible. These on the other hand range from tolerable to heavenly. They also have all the nutrients listed on the side, are portion controlled and are balanced with the right amount of each flavor. She has done all the math and has it down to a science and to me that is priceless. Plus, since it comes in an easy to travel bottle I am able to throw it in my bag and run on errands. For me, it is idiot proof and requires no brain work. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or stop into my store Breezy’s 572 Central ave.


Please note that I do not work for Jus by Julie, I was not paid or compensated for writing this article. I also know that my results are unique to me, so do not expect the same results. I am not a nutritionist or dietician, just someone that has tried every diet under the sun and found one that works for me!

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