Mexican Fiesta!

Even though the holidays are over the cooking doesn’t seem to end! Somehow Shabbos manages to come every week like clockwork! Just when you restock you fridge and freezer and get your house in order and think you can sit down, you have to run to the supermarket to buy food for Shabbos. One of the great things about Shabbos versus Yuntif is that you CAN’T cook, this means that you can actually rest a bit.

After all the weeks of eating nonstop I just about had enough! My kids mean while want to know if I can make all that delicious food again?!?! I decided this week to be a bit creative and relaxed about Shabbos. I want to enjoy my day by going to Shul, having a Perpetual Commotion tournament and possibly even take a nap! So I decided the menu for this week is going to be simple.


Gefilta Fish (because its not Shabbos without it!)


Chicken Soup (Ditto!)



I have decided that this Shabbos is going to be about creating your own meal!


1.Manwhich Meat

2.Taco Meat


I bought a big family pack of chop meat (it was on sale, otherwise I buy 1 chop meat and 1 chicken or turkey) and divided it into 2 pans. I browned the meat in both. In 1 pan I added the seasoning packet that comes with the tacos and in the other I added a can of Manwhich. I also took chicken cutlets and diced them up into tiny pieces coated then in bread crumbs and baked them for 20 minutes. Lately my daughter, Rory doesn’t seem to enjoy the meat so she gets chicken. Spencer on the other hand would have devoured all the meat now if I would have let him!


  • Chopped Lettuce (I caved and bought it be cut)
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Diced Cucumbers
  • Guacamole (page 33 of Breezy’s Mix & Match)
  • Pareve Shredded Cheese (I figured its worth a try!)
  • Taco Sauce that comes in the Taco Kits


  • Pareve Sour Cream
  • Baked Bean
  • Diced Onions
  • Olives
  • Salsa
  • Corn


  • Tacos
  • Whole Wheat Wraps
  • Whole Wheat Scoops

When I have company I love to serve this as an appetizer using fish like frilled tuna and salmon instead of meat. I also love, as a healthy alternative, using lettuce cups. To me this is a pretty complete and balanced meal. Also I find that once the kids get to create their masterpieces they will eat it (vegetables and all!)

As for dessert… well we kept with the Create a Meal theme and did a create your own Ice Cream Sundae. But that’s for another post! Shabbat Shalom!


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