Mexican Fiesta!

Even though the holidays are over the cooking doesn’t seem to end! Somehow Shabbos manages to come every week like clockwork! Just when you restock you fridge and freezer and get your house in order and think you can sit down, you have to run to the supermarket to buy food for Shabbos. One of […]

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Cupcake Fundraiser

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that my first cousin, Dovi Muchnick, was suddenly diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, stage 4. With limited insurance we are reaching out for any help for his medical expenses. Dovi started out with back pain. A healthy boy taken to the Dr. […]

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To juice or to Jus? That is the question!

The one thing I am is a skeptic, but I am also a person who will try anything once! I am the owner of Breezy’s, a houseware, giftware and bakeware store in the five towns. I am constantly surrounded by frosting, fondant and other delicious sugar decorations. In addition, I give classes on cupcake decorating […]

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Pessach… Delicious and Nutritious!

Once again just as we stop to relax on Shushan Purim and pull apart all of yesterdays Shalach Manos we start getting the emails about Pessach!  Last year Pessach for me was a dream. Every year B”H I have been lucky enough to go away with my family for Pessach but last year a few families I am […]

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New Year, New Ideas!

I think once you reach a certain age the idea of New Years Eve becomes exhausting! It also seems my baby sitter has more of a life then me and she needs the night off. So the idea of staying up (or even going out) till past midnight to get up with 2 kids in […]

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The Smell Of Heaven, A Taste So Devine!

This time of year smells and tastes get all confusing, between the oil for the sufganiyot, the Caramel Brulee Latte at Starbucks and the chocolate scent wafting out of Le Chocolat I am not quit sure what I want to eat! Then my friend Jen Krup from from Jen K Designs bought me the most […]

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Chanukah Ideas!

For those of us that love to be creative and go all out, this is one of the best times of year! BUT then there are those of us who are not as creative but still want an easy project to get into the Chanukah mood or an easy project for the kids to do […]

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How much do you spend on a gift?

I am constantly asked how much money is correct to spend on a gift. Whether it be a shabbos gift, hostess gift or just plain Thank You! I have NEVER give anyone an amount when they ask and I train my sales girls to do the same. We usually respond “What do you feel comfortable […]

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Options To Help…

Once thing I have learnt from this tragedy of Hurricane Sandy is that everyone’s view of “bad” “devastation” or “horrible” is different. I have friends in Seagate who have lost everything that they owned and are still managing to smile and persevere. I have friends in the 5 towns that have lost power but their […]

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Bonus Recipes!

If you have purchased “Breezy’s Mix & Match” then this is for you! If you have not, you can order it buy clicking on the image below! Over the years I have mentioned to friends that I made some croutons or donuts or created something really cute for the kids to eat! Here is a […]

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