Frequently Asked Party Questions! If you don’t see your questions and answers below, just contact Breezy by phone (516) 374-1544 or email besy@aol.com.

Where do you buy the food for your demonstrations and classes?

Our food comes directly from the same companies that supply all the local restaurants and supermarkets.

Where is the pizza from?

The Pizza comes from David’s Pizza on Central Avenue

Can I provide my own food, drinks and cake?

We hold our facility to the highest standard of kashrus. If you want to bring in your own food it must come in the original packaging. Just Let us know what you want! We have great relationships with a lot of places and would love to take care of all of the food for you.

Can I bring my own decorations?

Most definitely! Let us know what you plan on bringing and we will work with you to have the room ready in advance. For a fee we can do it for you, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Are goody bags included?

Everyone gets to take home everything they create and that is there goody bag. If you want to give out an extra something you are more then welcome to or let us know and we can help you come up with some ideas.

Where is the birthday cake from?

The birthday cake comes to us plain, undecorated and we decorate it to match colors or themes that you specify. If you want to order a cake from one of the local bakeries you are more than welcome to, just let us know 1 week in advance.

Do you charge for infants?

Infants are free

How/When do I pay the party balance?

Deposit is taken when the event is booked. The balance is paid when the party is over once we have the final head count of who showed up. We ask that you notify us 3 days prior to the event how many children are coming so that we can have enough seats set up and food available. We hold you to that number but in case extra children decide to participate such as siblings, cousins or friends children we will add those kids to the final bill.

Can you plan a gluten free event at Breezy’s?

With enough notice anything is possible. Special dietary needs such as diabetic, gluten free, etc. can be arraigned with minimum 2 weeks notice.

What time can I have my child’s birthday party?

Birthday parties can be held at any time day or night. Weekend parties have higher minimum amounts of people.  We like to space all parties 2 hours apart so if you want a particular time on a particular weekend book well in advance so that you can get your time slot.

What if I need to cancel my party reservation?

All reservations cancelled 2 weeks in advance get a full refund. 1 week in advance a credit towards either the store or a future party. After a week we are unable to refund any money or give a credit since everything has been arraigned.

What if we arrive late to the party?

We allocate specific time slots to each party but we do take into account that people may run a few minutes late. If you are running more than a few minutes late then there is a chance you may not get to do everything planned. We do try and serve food first at parties that way it does give some sort of leeway in case people are running late.

Where can my guests park?

There are meters in front of our store as well as a parking lot across the street with tons of metered spots.

Are tips included for the instructors and assistants?

Instructors and Assistants get paid a minimum fee. For a job well done tips are always appreciated but not necessary.