About Us

Creative, imaginative and extraordinary, Breezy’s on Central Avenue offers your one-of-a-kind personalized shopping experience. A reinvention of Ketzy’s, Brielle “Breezy” Schwartz opened Breezy’s to share a love of gift giving, decorating, baking and entertaining with the world.

Breezy’s carries fabulous lines of housewares, giftware and personalized pieces, from $10 all the way up to $1,000. Some of the brands you will find at Breezy’s include L’Objet, Alessi, Mariposa, Nambe and Monica Willard. We also offer a full line of bakeware, decorating accessories and educational material. You just never know what will inspire you on a shopping trip to Breezy’s! You may come in to buy a vintage-inspired centerpiece or hot pink serving bowl, but you’ll also walk out with mini tartlet pans, silicone chocolate molds, and bags of sparkly decorating sugar. You may even collect a recipe or two from our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, with backgrounds in the professional baking and cooking and/or housewares and giftware retail industries. Our signature gift wrapping is exquisite and one of the many qualities we are known for. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our dedication to our employees and community and our passion for what we do.

Breezy’s also offers informative and fun baking classes in a state of the art classroom so you can become the expert. Some of the classes include cupcake and cookie decorating, challah making, making and displaying cake pops, chocolate dipping, and even gift wrapping! Check out our calendar for a current list of our classes.

The classroom’s black-and-white checkered floors and sweet pink striped walls make it perfect for fundraisers, corporate events, birthday parties and more! To put the cherry on top (pun intended), Breezy’s will organize any event you can think of, from bridal showers and princess parties and to a romantic dinner for two. Let us know what you have in mind and we can customize it to fit your occasion. We love a good challenge so all you have to do is ask!

As Breezy puts it, “Have you ever seen someone’s face when you give them something unexpected? I opened Breezy’s to be a part of that! And with our expanded store, I can turn anyone into the perfect host!”

KASHRUS: In our classes, we are selling knowledge and not products; therefore we are not required to have a hashgacha on our Classroom. We do hold our classroom to the highest standards of Kashrus and all of our counters and baking accessories are Pareve. All of our finished food products are brought in from local food establishments under the Vaad Hakashrus. All raw ingredients such as flour, sugar, extracts, etc., are Kosher and come out of the original packaging during the classes for you to supervise. Please note that all our decorations, such as sprinkles, sugar candies, sugar flowers, etc. are all under Kosher certification and the original packaging has the certification on it. Feel free to ask for whatever you need to feel comfortable in our store!

We also have a fully functional Kayli Mikvah on premises.

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